Blue Tokai French Roast Review French Brew


As a continuation to the blue takoi french roast coffee review, in this post I will be talking more about the refinements made to the brewing process than the coffee itself. As quick introduction to the coffee, it is a blue tokai french roast coffee (i.e) arabica seeds are roasted to the max to get that very dark coffee which has a deep and bold taste. The major change to the recipe is in the timing of adding the coffee grounds to the hot water and the amount of time the coffee is allowed to steep.


The french brew recipe is very similar to the lazy brew when it comes to the ingredients and their quantities but very different in the brewing method. Take necessary cups of water in a pot, let it come to boil, stop the heat, let the water sit for 1 to 2 min to lower the temprature so that the coffee will not lose its aroma via steam, add coffee powder 1 table spoon per cup of coffee, stir it well, let it sit for 4-5 minutes depends on how strong you want the coffee, strain and serve.


This brew is much better the the last one, it held the aroma better than the lazy brew. It had very good strength and taste, the boldness of the coffee was preserved from the first sip to the last. The one draw back in this method is the coffee ground size, I had the coffee beans ground fine to medium size so even after straining there was good amount of coffee sediment at the bottom of my cup. This issue depressed the taste towards the last sips of the coffee. Also since the coffee has more time to interact with water it produces more bitter coffee than the drip/pour over brews, so this kind of brew is not for everyone. One great charecteristics of this coffee and the brew is it held its boldness when mixed with milk, so to all the coffee lovers who add milk to their coffee you can definetly try this recipe.

Next step

Ordered proper french press from amazon in place of the broken coffee maker, once recived I will post the recipe and the difference between the frech brew and the french press here. Please sit tight until then !!