Fa7C0n (pronounced as Falcon) aka Gokul Ganesan, I am a software developer by profession, Geologist-Satellite image interpreter-GIS Specialist by Education. I have approximately 3.5 years of experience in software development with languages like JavaScript, Python and Go specialised mainly in developing data pipelines, handling large geospatial data, location intelligence, GIS development and web applications/services.


After Graduating my M.Tech Remote Sensing and GIS in 2016, I joined mapbox as a Data Analyst in mapbox maps. In 2017 I moved to mapbox search team and started working with the data piplines which handle all the indexing work of mapbox’s search engine carmen. On December 2018 right before the christmas holidays I left mapbox and immidiately joined a Agri-tech startup called Cropin Technologies in Bangalore on January 2019 as a GIS Engineer working on setting up a satellite data pipeline capable of handling 10s of terrabytes of data but after working there for a year I felt like that is not the right place for me so left Cropin on January 2020 and joined my current company Eagleview as a Software Engineer II. Its been 5 months since I joined Eagleview and I am working on creating a web server which can serve the geospatial imagery data in standardised services like WMS, WMTS etc.

Why this blog

This is a space I write my unfiltered opinions about the things I am passionate about like politics, society, tech, programming, life, tamil literature etc. If you don’t agree with me post your thoughts and tag me, I might come and reply if I feel like it ( all my social media is here ).