Dalit Millionaires by Milind Khandekar

Rating ⭐ ⭐

It is a good read for when you want to fill your time with a light read. the book is a collection of stories/interviews so you can stop in between the chapters and come back to it later. I liked the overall concept of the book to bring light to struggles of Dalit in India to achieve success, But morally I didn’t agree with glorification of Hospital and education as a business.

One of the major take away from the book is that almost all of the 15 Millionaires had an ally in one way or the other to help them to get started. Basically, in my opinion Allies are more important in upbringing of suppressed people lives.

The writing style of the stories is very simple and easy to follow, at the same time the interviews could have been better written.


  • Dalit Millionaires by Milind_Khandekar
  • ISBN: 9780143420828 (goodreads, Publisher)
  • Published: Dec/2013
  • Read: 2020/06/13